Monday, 30 April 2012

Lost and Found

 I cannot believe that it is nearly a month since I last posted. I have no excuses but I am going to list them any way.
I lost the charger for my camera. How can something disappear in a space 61' by 7'9" where everything has a space and everything in it's space (or not as the case may be).
St Jude did not cooperate and bring back the lost item
I didn't get to go skiing, I don't enjoy the cold anyway.
I had to deal with the sale of the boat
I had to run the office the craft shop and the bar.
I did a lot of business life laundry to try and make room for all the junk, sorry, all the important items  that needed to come out of the boat. If you could see the number of things that need to find a new home you would agree that I was not entirely successful.
I had to look after the demented teenage hamster. We had an agreement I would feed him all the lettuce he could eat and he would not kick the bucket before Mouse returned from her holiday. I won't go into the house issue, but he definitely won.
Did I mention I lost the camera charger.
I got to the point where I was going to that shop that retails cameras the one who's name starts with a J, but I opened a cupboard to put something away and out fell a camera charger lead Yay! (not that I hadn't  looked in said cupboard at least half a dozen times before). A quick charge and right on the wire I can post my April tag for Tim's 12 tags of 2012 challenge.

I have kept it very simple
I decided to use an old dictionary page as a background painted with a Citrus Dabber and then inked with Vintage photo distress to tone it down. I could not decide what to emboss when I come across a frog die which I cut twice and then put them through a couple of different embossing folders.  I added a frill to the tag and found a rub on which said free spirit but it was too big so I stamped the words using alphabet stamps. I used some rub on flowers from the sheet and added a few paper flowers for some extra dimension. Not my finest effort and there is a lot that I would do different but it is what it is.

Happy crafting

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

or I am no quitter.
I said I would not be finishing the green pixie but she sort of got to me so I persevered and whilst I am not entirely happy with her she has grown on me.

I can't believe the weather weird or what! Last week it was bathing suit weather this week it is snowing and we are all wrapped up in our winter coats. Still it is a good excuse for a day of crafty play.

Happy crafting