Sunday, 18 August 2013

Boys will be boys

Little brothers have birthdays and those birthdays sort of creep up on you, at the beginning of August I thought to myself I must make Prawn ball (it's along story but Shaun rhymes with prawn) a card, on Friday I thought it's little bros tomorrow (Saturday) I really must get round to making that card.
I thought the Dylusion words Boys will be boys an so will a lot of middle aged men seem appropriate since we like to torment him that he is now in fact middle aged. His retort is usually I may be middle aged but lets face it I.m never going to be as old as you two.

Since I was in the bar doing my stint I had to use what was available in our little stash we keep in the bar for occasions it's not busy or I need to plan workshops etc. so a bit of Kanban paper, a couple of stamps from Tim and Dyan some distress pens and this what his card ended up being.

Until next time happy crafting

Saturday, 10 August 2013

What is it really all about?

One of lifes monumental questions that has no definitive answer and for me changes on a regular basis. But here is an even bigger question

What if the Hokey Cokey really is what it's all about, is life a game that you step in and out of and shake it up every once in a while? I have a plaque on my wall that has this saying on it I don't know where to attribute it to, but it makes me smile every time I see it and I often see guests doing a double take before they either do or don't get it..

The picture is of my latest Journal page not the plaque, the frogs reminded me of it so I just had to use the words.
In stead of working this morning I have been playing and I have several pages of different journals drying, who knows maybe I will skive again tomorrow and finish another page I isn't really skiving, after a couple of really hectic stressful days it is my way of restocking my mental wealth.

What ever you do this weekend enjoy

Friday, 2 August 2013

Just a bit rock and roll

It is amazing what you forget is in your stash. I came across a packet of guitar rub ons and thought what on earth could I do with them. Well I used one to complete this Journal page. I still have several more to use when inspiration hits.

 The quote is attributed to Keith Richards and I like the sentiment "If you don't know the blues... there's no point picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music". The background is distress paint and the flames are a combination of  Pitt pens and neo colour ii. The stars are coloured in a metallic blue pro-marker.

I enjoyed making the flames but I don't think I knew when to step away.
Until next time happy crafting

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013

LOL I wrote this post a couple of days ago but forgot to link it to Tim's  Remembered just in time. Have a great day.

It seems that no sooner have you got to the end of June,  the end of July pops up to meet you.
It has been an exceedingly busy and stressful month with a few fun things thrown in as well. A weeks holiday at the beginning of the month at the coast with beautiful weather and a good relax. Not that I remember the benefit of it. It was straight back to an 18 hour day and my feet have not hit the ground yet.

The day Mouse took her Ice Skating exams (she pass all 3 by the way but don't tell her I told you she will want  to tell everybody the next time she posts herself) there was a big fire in Sheffield, which involved 4 buildings by the canal, so the canal was closed for 2 weeks while the fire was put out and the damaged buildings made safe. The navigation is now open but the towpath is closed still. For us it has meant re arranging cruises, and once the fire was out negotiating to use a small part of the canal so we could still operate. Most people with bookings were great realising it wasn't our fault that we couldn't operate as normal, which has really helped.

Last week I took a day out and took Mouse to Denby Potteries, we made a clay frog and painted some china. we also toured the factory, which was really interesting and Mouse enjoyed the day it makes playing catch up really worth it. In the craft shop we have completed the last workshop for the summer holidays, it gives us a little time to catch up on all the other shop tasks as well as giving us some time to spend with Mouse during the school holidays.

I have managed to get my creative time in each day either early in the morning or late at night, but haven't made time to blog. As Dorrie's new Journal says "Note to self" I must try harder.  Any way her is July's tag, we do celebrate the 4th  July here and anyway it is now a distant memory until next year so I needed another theme. I found the rub on Butterflies in my stash and the idea cam to me before that I was struggling with my mojo.

I brayered diluted distressed re-inkers in pickled raspberries and peacock feathers onto my tag and when dry over stamped with a flower from a paper artsy stamp set I found a lock and key sticker which I painted with distress crackle paint (Rock candy) and then used distressed re-inkers colours as above on them. I put the rub on butterflies onto card and cut them out adding another to the tag. The words are also a rub on, which says Dreams are the wishes of your heart. I coloured bit of ribbon with distress ink and then put it together. I love the colours they have the feel of summer. Hope you enjoy it.

Until next time Happy Crafting

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013 June

This is probably the fasted tag I have made this year. I am off on a weeks hols and I realized that I hadn't done my Tag for June.

Instead of using Distress Pens I used Distressed inks and a paint brush. I used an owl stamp and the words are from a Dylusion set I thought them appropriate.

Now I am off to hopefully sunny Scarborough. I have camera and Art supplies so I am coveredfor something to do rain or shine
Happy crafting

Friday, 17 May 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013

Just a quick blog this time. I completed my tag a few days ago but have just got round to blogging. May is flying just like April did before it. It seems the older you get the faster time seems to go.

I have to say I'm not a big fan of rub-ons no matter what name you call them by. In my personal experience they either behave perfectly and you decide you like them or they are a total mare and you just want to sling them across the room in frustration.

I used Fancy Pants rub-ons in lieu of Tim's Remnant Rubs and on this occasion I quite like the outcome.
I started by creating a background using Peeled Paint, Rusty Hinge  Forrest Moss, Barn Door and Spiced Marmalade Distress inks and a little spritz of water. When dry, I stamped on the motor bike and side car image from the Diesil Punk set by Artistic Outpost and the words also from the same set, I really like the sentiment. Next I used floral rub-ons in pastel and sepia tones, then created a winged heart  using a stamp from a Kanban stamp set, the speed limit stamp from the Diesil Punk set.The trinkets on the top are from a packed of charms I found in the shop stash.
Until next time happy crafting,

Monday, 29 April 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags 2013 April

March is a distant Memory and April is in it's dog days. Will someone tell me where this year has gone.
April started with Mouse reaching double digits a very important milestone in a little girls life, then they were off on the annual skiing trip to Finland leaving me in sole charge of the business, that's 3 times the day to day jobs to complete in the same amount of hours. Not that I am complaining I love the hustle and bustle of being busy. This month I have also managed to get on with some projects, and have weekend break in London, but it does mean that I haven't had a lot of time for my personal crafting. I do however plan to makeup for it in the next couple of days along with some desperately needed spring cleaning. It's spring and the spiders are busily turning ever nook and cranny of my boat into their own personal nurseries. It's now time for them and theirs to move to their summer abodes.
Horrace the Hare has not been seen all month and I am beginning to get a bit worried it is April and Mad March Hares should be over their sillyness. Still Mouse was advised by Auntie Doreen yesterday that nature is a month behind schedule so I'm sure he will come home when he is ready, I am still waiting for his promised postcards.

April has been an unpredictable month weather wise and it reminded me of a poem we learnt in school. I can't remember it all and I can't remember who wrote it. (I will have to Google it when I get a minute) So I have used one of the lines(the way I remember it, I may be wrong) for my words on this months tag.

I have used an Art impressions Girlfriends stamp.
 I coloured the design with Promarkers then added a umbrella canopy made with clearly art parts modeling film, it took me a while to get a couple of tabs to fold flat enough to hook the plastic onto the back of the Umbrella image. After which, I mounted it onto card that I had spritz with Dylusions and then over stamped with flowers using die inks of various colours and makes. I then mounted that onto gold Mirri card and then purple card to create my tag.
The words are from a poem that starts with the line January brings the snow and as I remember it Aprils line is April showers bring forth May flowers which is apt as April has been cold and wet here in Sheffield. When rummaging I found a string of acrylic flowers and a piece of mauve ribbon for some additional decoration. Next month I might just surprise myself and post my tag at the beginning of the month. In the meantime enjoy your crafting