Sunday, 18 August 2013

Boys will be boys

Little brothers have birthdays and those birthdays sort of creep up on you, at the beginning of August I thought to myself I must make Prawn ball (it's along story but Shaun rhymes with prawn) a card, on Friday I thought it's little bros tomorrow (Saturday) I really must get round to making that card.
I thought the Dylusion words Boys will be boys an so will a lot of middle aged men seem appropriate since we like to torment him that he is now in fact middle aged. His retort is usually I may be middle aged but lets face it I.m never going to be as old as you two.

Since I was in the bar doing my stint I had to use what was available in our little stash we keep in the bar for occasions it's not busy or I need to plan workshops etc. so a bit of Kanban paper, a couple of stamps from Tim and Dyan some distress pens and this what his card ended up being.

Until next time happy crafting

Saturday, 10 August 2013

What is it really all about?

One of lifes monumental questions that has no definitive answer and for me changes on a regular basis. But here is an even bigger question

What if the Hokey Cokey really is what it's all about, is life a game that you step in and out of and shake it up every once in a while? I have a plaque on my wall that has this saying on it I don't know where to attribute it to, but it makes me smile every time I see it and I often see guests doing a double take before they either do or don't get it..

The picture is of my latest Journal page not the plaque, the frogs reminded me of it so I just had to use the words.
In stead of working this morning I have been playing and I have several pages of different journals drying, who knows maybe I will skive again tomorrow and finish another page I isn't really skiving, after a couple of really hectic stressful days it is my way of restocking my mental wealth.

What ever you do this weekend enjoy

Friday, 2 August 2013

Just a bit rock and roll

It is amazing what you forget is in your stash. I came across a packet of guitar rub ons and thought what on earth could I do with them. Well I used one to complete this Journal page. I still have several more to use when inspiration hits.

 The quote is attributed to Keith Richards and I like the sentiment "If you don't know the blues... there's no point picking up the guitar and playing rock and roll or any other form of popular music". The background is distress paint and the flames are a combination of  Pitt pens and neo colour ii. The stars are coloured in a metallic blue pro-marker.

I enjoyed making the flames but I don't think I knew when to step away.
Until next time happy crafting

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013

LOL I wrote this post a couple of days ago but forgot to link it to Tim's  Remembered just in time. Have a great day.

It seems that no sooner have you got to the end of June,  the end of July pops up to meet you.
It has been an exceedingly busy and stressful month with a few fun things thrown in as well. A weeks holiday at the beginning of the month at the coast with beautiful weather and a good relax. Not that I remember the benefit of it. It was straight back to an 18 hour day and my feet have not hit the ground yet.

The day Mouse took her Ice Skating exams (she pass all 3 by the way but don't tell her I told you she will want  to tell everybody the next time she posts herself) there was a big fire in Sheffield, which involved 4 buildings by the canal, so the canal was closed for 2 weeks while the fire was put out and the damaged buildings made safe. The navigation is now open but the towpath is closed still. For us it has meant re arranging cruises, and once the fire was out negotiating to use a small part of the canal so we could still operate. Most people with bookings were great realising it wasn't our fault that we couldn't operate as normal, which has really helped.

Last week I took a day out and took Mouse to Denby Potteries, we made a clay frog and painted some china. we also toured the factory, which was really interesting and Mouse enjoyed the day it makes playing catch up really worth it. In the craft shop we have completed the last workshop for the summer holidays, it gives us a little time to catch up on all the other shop tasks as well as giving us some time to spend with Mouse during the school holidays.

I have managed to get my creative time in each day either early in the morning or late at night, but haven't made time to blog. As Dorrie's new Journal says "Note to self" I must try harder.  Any way her is July's tag, we do celebrate the 4th  July here and anyway it is now a distant memory until next year so I needed another theme. I found the rub on Butterflies in my stash and the idea cam to me before that I was struggling with my mojo.

I brayered diluted distressed re-inkers in pickled raspberries and peacock feathers onto my tag and when dry over stamped with a flower from a paper artsy stamp set I found a lock and key sticker which I painted with distress crackle paint (Rock candy) and then used distressed re-inkers colours as above on them. I put the rub on butterflies onto card and cut them out adding another to the tag. The words are also a rub on, which says Dreams are the wishes of your heart. I coloured bit of ribbon with distress ink and then put it together. I love the colours they have the feel of summer. Hope you enjoy it.

Until next time Happy Crafting

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013 June

This is probably the fasted tag I have made this year. I am off on a weeks hols and I realized that I hadn't done my Tag for June.

Instead of using Distress Pens I used Distressed inks and a paint brush. I used an owl stamp and the words are from a Dylusion set I thought them appropriate.

Now I am off to hopefully sunny Scarborough. I have camera and Art supplies so I am coveredfor something to do rain or shine
Happy crafting

Friday, 17 May 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2013

Just a quick blog this time. I completed my tag a few days ago but have just got round to blogging. May is flying just like April did before it. It seems the older you get the faster time seems to go.

I have to say I'm not a big fan of rub-ons no matter what name you call them by. In my personal experience they either behave perfectly and you decide you like them or they are a total mare and you just want to sling them across the room in frustration.

I used Fancy Pants rub-ons in lieu of Tim's Remnant Rubs and on this occasion I quite like the outcome.
I started by creating a background using Peeled Paint, Rusty Hinge  Forrest Moss, Barn Door and Spiced Marmalade Distress inks and a little spritz of water. When dry, I stamped on the motor bike and side car image from the Diesil Punk set by Artistic Outpost and the words also from the same set, I really like the sentiment. Next I used floral rub-ons in pastel and sepia tones, then created a winged heart  using a stamp from a Kanban stamp set, the speed limit stamp from the Diesil Punk set.The trinkets on the top are from a packed of charms I found in the shop stash.
Until next time happy crafting,

Monday, 29 April 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags 2013 April

March is a distant Memory and April is in it's dog days. Will someone tell me where this year has gone.
April started with Mouse reaching double digits a very important milestone in a little girls life, then they were off on the annual skiing trip to Finland leaving me in sole charge of the business, that's 3 times the day to day jobs to complete in the same amount of hours. Not that I am complaining I love the hustle and bustle of being busy. This month I have also managed to get on with some projects, and have weekend break in London, but it does mean that I haven't had a lot of time for my personal crafting. I do however plan to makeup for it in the next couple of days along with some desperately needed spring cleaning. It's spring and the spiders are busily turning ever nook and cranny of my boat into their own personal nurseries. It's now time for them and theirs to move to their summer abodes.
Horrace the Hare has not been seen all month and I am beginning to get a bit worried it is April and Mad March Hares should be over their sillyness. Still Mouse was advised by Auntie Doreen yesterday that nature is a month behind schedule so I'm sure he will come home when he is ready, I am still waiting for his promised postcards.

April has been an unpredictable month weather wise and it reminded me of a poem we learnt in school. I can't remember it all and I can't remember who wrote it. (I will have to Google it when I get a minute) So I have used one of the lines(the way I remember it, I may be wrong) for my words on this months tag.

I have used an Art impressions Girlfriends stamp.
 I coloured the design with Promarkers then added a umbrella canopy made with clearly art parts modeling film, it took me a while to get a couple of tabs to fold flat enough to hook the plastic onto the back of the Umbrella image. After which, I mounted it onto card that I had spritz with Dylusions and then over stamped with flowers using die inks of various colours and makes. I then mounted that onto gold Mirri card and then purple card to create my tag.
The words are from a poem that starts with the line January brings the snow and as I remember it Aprils line is April showers bring forth May flowers which is apt as April has been cold and wet here in Sheffield. When rummaging I found a string of acrylic flowers and a piece of mauve ribbon for some additional decoration. Next month I might just surprise myself and post my tag at the beginning of the month. In the meantime enjoy your crafting


Thursday, 28 March 2013

Horrace sends greetings from Holland

I have not seen Horrace for days now I know why, it appears that he is still in search of his precious Mustache collection. We have just received a Postcard from Holland. Horrace advises me that due to spending a lot of Euro's elsewhere he had to make his own post card(I do worry what the elsewhere might mean but perhaps it is wise not to delve too deep). His card was correctly addressed but the postman had a hard time keeping a straight face so I guess he read it.

Dear All at Quayside Crafts
Having a great time DON'T wish you were here I am having too much fun. My mustache collection escaping was not such a bad thing I am seeing such a lot of wonderful things. Holland is flat compared to Sheffield.. The have shoes called clogs but my feet are just too big to fit into them, They look odd but I am told that they are surprisingly comfortable. They grow lots of flowers in the countryside mostly Tulips and a lot of them are red. I spent a couple of days in Amsterdam, they say that part of the city is red too but I never did find out why. In the tourist shops they had things called Postcards apparently you send then to friends and relatives to let them know you are safe and having a good time. I have spent rather a lot of Euro's elsewhere so I am making a card for you to say I am safe and having a good time. I swiped distress paint onto a Cafe table threw on some water from my glass and squished the paper through it. I could tell the waiter was not impressed. Quick as a flash I stamped on some houses and windmills from a Woodware stamp set that I took from the stamp draw (don't worry if other supplies are missing I probably have them I will give them back on my return) I stamped some flowers and coloured them with H2O's I like shimmer and sparkle. I stamped on a bicycle and put a rescued mustache onto it then. I brought the Penny farthing bicycle from a one legged clown I meet on the Eurostar we where both hiding in the freight car at the time. The new red Jacket I picked up in Milan but that is another story. Now I know I am suppose to let you know I am safe expect other communications.
Horrace the Mad March Hare

I think he did quite a good job, but I do worry what he will get up to next.
Until next time keep crafting.


Friday, 22 March 2013

tattered floral union jack pillow

Tim Holtz set a challenge to create something with his Tattered Floral die from Sizzix It seems that the world and his wife have joined in the fun, myself included. There are some great projects and everybody has put in a lot of effort.

At one point I didn't think I would get my project done, it has fought me every step of the way, but I finally finished it this afternoon. The light has been very poor all day due to our fine spring weather. It has been snowing now for over 12 hours, so my snaps are not the best.

I bought some fat quarters last year with a British theme intending to complete a project inspired by the last years celebrations for the Queen and the Olympics.  The project is still to be started but I thought I would use some of the fabric for this project. I decided on a pillow and thought I would use the flowers to create a union jack.

I used cotton for the base and drew the outline of a union jack. I then created the basic design by ironing on red and blue ribbon onto the base fabric using thermo-bond. The bond turned out not to be that great and I had to over sew the ribbon on to the fabric. I can't tell you how many times I had to thread the sewing machine as the thread kept breaking(the thermo bond proved to be quite sticky to sew through). I do know that the sewing machine was at risk of permanent injury.

After cutting many,many, many flowers the were sewn together with a buttons.

Over 80 flowers have been attached to the pillow. When up close I will admit it doesn't much look like a union jack but from a distant you can see what it is suppose to be. I covered up too much of the base fabric where it should be white lines. Overall I am quite pleased with the outcome, which is a blessing when I think of the hours it has taken me to finish.

Tonight I am going to celebrate with a cup of cocoa and a chapter of the book I'm reading tucked up under my blanket, no sense going out in a blizzard if you don't have to.

Until next time keep crafting


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Fashion

Following Horrace the Hare's adventure last week in 12 Tags of 2013 (March) Horrace could be heard muttering in the corner for several days. Knit one, purl one, knit two together,slip stitch over, subtract one multiply by 7. At first I though he was developing a new knitting pattern, eventually after a eureka moment I realized that he was counting his mustache collection. It turns out several are still missing. Then he suddenly disappeared last Friday.  Today I found him in my circle and square journal wearing a brand new coat. When I asked what he was doing he told me it was springtime in Paris and he needed to look chic. Here is the page I found him on. It seems he has found some of his missing mustaches. Somehow I don't think this is the end of this story after all there is still a week of march left.

Until next time keep crafting


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Granddad Peters Birthday Card

Granddad Peter is now another year older and still enjoying life in his own unique way, because of work commitments we have yet to celebrate with the obligatory family cake, although he has received cards and presents.

I wasn't sure that he would like the card I made for him but he says he does. Dorrie pointed out to him that mustaches are popular at the moment. All he said was "I thought that is what the black things are"

The background card reminded me of vintage wallpaper and as I had some mustaches left over from my 12 tags of 2013 project I thought I would use them as wall decoration like those China Flying Ducks that use to grace the walls of Grannies' parlour in the 50's and 60's. I read somewhere that they are now sought after items of Kitch, I don't know why(the china ducks not the mustaches). For those of you young enough not to know what I am talking about ask your mother or grandmothers. For those in other countries if your interested Google them.
Anyway here's the card.

I am now off to prep next weeks workshops as we are off to Dumfries at the weekend to support Mouse who is competing in a Ice skating competition she is very excited and a bit nervous.

Keep crafting

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags 2013 (March)

Mad as a March Hare.

I really enjoyed making this months tag, Last week spring was in the air and now we have had 3 days of snow flurries with more predicted, but as I say to everyone who remembers the un-seasonally  warm March last year, if it's cold now when it suppose to be we might get a good summer we can hope anyway. 

Anyway my mad March Hare remembered the warm weather last year and came out to play early this year.I'm sure he regrets it now. His mustaches all escaped it is surprising how strong a flock of mustaches can be, they broke straight out of their cage  After a lot of nagging I agreed  to provide a net to recapture them. Do you know how hard it is to a sew a miniature net  especially when the fabric is as slippery as a well oiled Haddock.  I think he is having fun recapturing them but I positively refuse to make a tin/aluminum foil padded jail cell.

For all of you out there saying it's a rabbit, please don't split hares. 
The bird wants you to know she is the only sane one here, she also says that she is not sure it is advisable to direct a heat gun at a birds tail feathers as it is blooming hot, it is however better than the latest fad diet, she has shrunk to a fraction of her original size.

Anyway down to the nitty gritty 
Tag painted with Bundled sage distress paint. Over stamped at the bottom with the grasses stamp from Tim's Spring Sprung Set (see he hasn't specified rabbit or hare. If you would like to clarify Tim you are more than welcome) using Bundled Sage distress ink.
Stenciled at the top with a Crafter's workshop tree stencil using crushed olive and frayed burlap distress ink.
The Hare was stamped onto white card and his jacket coloured with Rock candy distress crackle paint mixed with a few drops of shaded lilac distress re-inker. It dried darker than I expected maybe a little less ink next time. I then swiped over some spun sugar distress paint into the cracks and painted his inner ear and cravat with it too. The net is made from a curtain ring, a small piece of net, some sewing thread and a cocktail stick (3 needles were sadly lost in the production of the mustache net (I have honored their loss with some quiet contemplation and a nice cup of tea).,
I cut a cage and bird from shrink plastic using a Sissix(Tim's) Bird cage die. I also stamped some mustaches using Jet Black Stazon onto shrink plastic and cut them out. Having heated the birds tail feathers I shrunk the cage aiming for a distressed look as if attacked by a flock of mustaches (I think I achieved it). I prettied it up with a few stick on gems. The mustaches had no complaints when they were shrunk. I coloured the bird with a brown promaker, she wanted to be gaudy so I had to put my foot down with a firm hand. Whilst I had the promaker box out I cut out some little egg shaped in white card and coloured and decorated them. Where better for a mustache to hid than among a clutch of Easter eggs.
Next I cut a banner out of white card using a cricut machine and the heritage cartridge. I stamped mad march hare on using Hampton Art studio g alphabet stamps.
Last but not least I assembled the tag using double sided tape, foam pads and Glossy accents as adhesive.

Now I have finished the telling of Mr Hares tail I have to go and lay down in a dark room as to paraphrase Ms Dyan Reaveley's words I have exceed the limits of my medication. I wonder if the Doc's giving out prescriptions for a nice cup of tea.

Until next time happy crafting


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dylusional Girls

Just a quick post before I work on some workshop demos this afternoon.
I just could not resist picking up some of the new colours of Dylusions Ink Sprays from the shop shelf.
That's the trouble I put stock on the shelves and it sits on the shelf and stares at me and says pick me, pick me(really they do), particularly when it is one of my favorite things (I have lots of favorite things). I'm getting like Mouse who even now states "I need one in every colour!" when ever we unpack new stock, she is still after her very own set of Distress pens and now her fingers are strong enough to use sprays you go away and come back to a half empty bottle, but I digress it was my bad habits that I was commenting on. Not that I am adverse to bad habits and with names such as Funky Fuchsia and Dirty Martini it just had to be done. Besides you always need examples so that customers can see the colours and get inspiration all very noble, but in truth I just wanted to play.  Did I mention the White Linen it's fantastic in my opinion.

Here area couple of tags that I sprayed with Dylusions Ink Sprays and then layered with some White Linen sprayed through some sequin waste and then added some more layers with a little paint and some pen. I then used Cricut's forever young cartridge to cut some ladies the first is painted with Calypso Teal. The other's dress is painted with Bubblegum pink one of the original colours and the yellow is mica spray I can't tell you the colour because the label has come off the bottle. The stamps are by Autumn Leaves from a set called Sentiments Circles, they are from my own stash and I don't know if they are still available.

Now it's time for more play sorry work, I mean constructing some workshop demos is exceedingly hard work (play)

Until next time keep crafting

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tim Holtz 12 Tags 2013 February

Time flies, it doesn't seem 2 minutes since I posted January's tag and now it is nearly the end of February.

My Tag is really simple but not my usual style and has had many incarnations before I eventually got round to pulling it together.

The background tag has been coloured with Broken China Distress Stain and then stamped with gold crowns and black cogs from Kanban's Jasper stamp set. I added a topper from 'Cameo Clock Ladies' topper set also by Kanban. The cards are stamped using a Stamp Barn Playing Card Stamp.The wings were embossed on silver Mirri card using a Sizzix embossing folder from the Crown flourish & Heart Wings set. and then cut out and attached to a Heart shaped piece of Red Mirri card which was stamped with X's ans O's Using Hampton Art studio g Alphabet set. The winged heart was then attached to a black ribbon bow and attached to the tag. The little charm is a melting clock Dali style.

Now I must get back to typing the next series of workshops for the store, like most things it keeps getting to the bottom of the list, but has now risen to the top as it needs to be completed and published by Monday, Oh well no play time this afternoon.

Until next time

Monday, 11 February 2013

Tin Foil Birthdays

Another Birthday has been and gone but what kind of card do you make for Grandma Eileen. One with flowers is usually a good bet. She likes shades of blue but definitely no pink. Oh and did I mention it needs to be traditional no steam punk no collage, no Distress in fact a water coloured field or vase of flowers would be perfect. So did I go for the traditional? What do you think?

I have been playing with an idea that was inspired by Chrissy Tomlinson and her lesson for Life Book 2013. She used tissue paper and and foil for her life book page. I have played around with adding hardware items such as washers and rings etc. I will post other examples later but here is the card .Grandma Eileen said she liked it and I choose to believe her even if there is just a touch of pink and it is a collage and it is a little distressed I did resit the steam punk, still there is always Granddad Peter's birthday next month..

We also made Birthday cakes, yes cakes Mouse wanted to make a cake as a present she made a sponge, which she decorated with icing and some of every kind of sprinkle she could find in the cupboard. I made a clementine cake which is a family favorite (just don't tell grandma that there are ground almonds in it she always says she hates nuts but she really likes this cake).

Anyhow it's time to go and close the shop etc
Keep crafting

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fly me to the moon

January saw a lot of prep of bits and pieces, but not a lot of finished art However February is a month of finishing things off. So the theory is that I will blog more this month.

I bought a Windsor and Newton 12" x 12" Sketch Book at the back end of last year as I liked the paper. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it. Then when we were at a craft show the other week I was looking around the other stall as you do and saw a Mask from Splodge Away and just had to have it. An idea formed in my noggin and I had a theme for my sketch book. It is now my circle and square journal. All the pages are going to be designs predominantly based on circles and squares.

Unlike popular advise I always have to start a new journal or sketch book etc. on the first page, I just can't settle until it's done. So my first page is a very simple one based on my idea for my new Splodge Away Mask.

I placed the mask on a circle of black paper and sprayed with mica sprays in reds and coppers and bronzes. I left it to dry naturally as I wanted the pitted splattered effect of a rough surface.
I drew mechanical wings free hand and outlined with a silver pencil to create the effect of veins on the wings and attached to the man's coat. I was going to draw straps onto the man to represent a harness but, decided against it as I liked the silhouette. The stars are Sparkle Medium (Imagination crafts)  stenciled through a star stencil I have in my stash. The words are written in red gel pen and come from a 1964 song by Bart Howard made famous by Frank and several of the other crooners 'Come fly me to the moon'.  The page was distressed with shades of blue distress ink and the stamp is from Tim Holtz District Warehouse CMS 124 set. I was going to put more embellishments on it, however I like it simple and felt the need to walk way and call it done.

So until next time happy crafting


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tim Holtz 12 tags 2013 January

I can't believe where the 1st half of January has gone. The year started with a few lazy days with Ice skating (Mouse) and bowling (all of us) not easy when you can cough for England but enjoyable any way (Feeling much better now).  Then back to reality, stock taking, shop cleaning, making sure Santa and his spare presents got back to the North Pole along with the bar and boat decorations. For the first few days they both looked bare now they just seem normal.

I promised myself that I would do something creative everyday this year and so far I have managed whether it has been baking, arts and crafts or writing/doodling in my journal. I have been a bit scatter gun in my approach and now have at least half a dozen unfinished projects. In fact the only thing I have completed is my January tag.

I embossed a piece of black card with a cog embossing folder. Then rubbed a white ink pad over the raised design. and dusted the paper with mica powders in copper, bronze and gold. I stamped on to a scrap of fancy pants paper that looks like a ledger using a variety of Tim's stamp sets and a stamp of a planetary globe, (I can't think of it's proper name) which  was from a magazine that I just had to purchase as I loved the stamp how many other people do that, is it just me? The cogs and propeller are from eco crafts and I used tarnished brass Distress stain to colour them. Mouse is currently completing an art project for school using wire so I appropriated some to make springs to embellish my tag. The ribbon was coloured with a Pro Marker to match the tag. I then distressed it using a heat gun. I am quite pleased with the result, a good start to my tags 2013 I think.

Enjoy your crafting