Sunday, 26 February 2012

New Beginings

Why 'Ink Splats in My Soup' and why now?
Well when I am not working on a project in the shop or using the boat as a workshop/studio area I use my very small kitchen and I mean really tiny kitchen as my studio area. It could have been 'Paint brush in my Coffee' or 'Why is there a Rubber Stamp in my Stew' Both just as likely as I hate put the art supplies away until I have finished a project, but I love ink and soup and the name had a certain resonance to it so It is 'Ink Splats in my Soup'.

And now? Well I spend a good portion of time blog hopping but have always been shy of making comments and of putting my own work out in the public domain although i keep saying I will start a blog. I was blog hopping the other night and was reading Kate Crane's blog and she was talking about her 1st blog post and her doubts that any one would read it. Also how her blog and style of art has evolved over time. You could say she has inspired me to stop sitting on the fence and begin not only to blog but also to leave comments. After all if someone  should happen on my blog and like it I would love to hear their comments, therefore I should really pay it forward and leave comments on the blogs that I like and love.

Last weekend went to Stitches (A trade show for craft retailers) and was lucky enough to be able to attend Rangers on Road taught by Tim Holtz and Dyan Reaveley. Dyan's project was a page in an altered book using her new Rangers Range Of Dylusions inks, stencils and stamps. Pictures of my page in progress and finished below. The finished page changed slightly to include a few extras as it was great but didn't feel finished to me. She jokingly challenged the group to finish altering their books.  I have decided to take up the challenge and will post each page as I finish it. I have completed the background of another page and will try and finish it tomorrow. 

  The Blank Page

A Little Ink

A latter addition of a spider or two and another Quote on one of the tags

Well I must say this bloging business is exhausting so it is a cup of tea for me and off to bed


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  1. Congratulations, if only we can work out how to get rid of the 'boyfriend' and change the blackgrounds. Have fun!!