Monday, 11 February 2013

Tin Foil Birthdays

Another Birthday has been and gone but what kind of card do you make for Grandma Eileen. One with flowers is usually a good bet. She likes shades of blue but definitely no pink. Oh and did I mention it needs to be traditional no steam punk no collage, no Distress in fact a water coloured field or vase of flowers would be perfect. So did I go for the traditional? What do you think?

I have been playing with an idea that was inspired by Chrissy Tomlinson and her lesson for Life Book 2013. She used tissue paper and and foil for her life book page. I have played around with adding hardware items such as washers and rings etc. I will post other examples later but here is the card .Grandma Eileen said she liked it and I choose to believe her even if there is just a touch of pink and it is a collage and it is a little distressed I did resit the steam punk, still there is always Granddad Peter's birthday next month..

We also made Birthday cakes, yes cakes Mouse wanted to make a cake as a present she made a sponge, which she decorated with icing and some of every kind of sprinkle she could find in the cupboard. I made a clementine cake which is a family favorite (just don't tell grandma that there are ground almonds in it she always says she hates nuts but she really likes this cake).

Anyhow it's time to go and close the shop etc
Keep crafting

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