Wednesday, 14 March 2012

12 tags of 2012: March

When  does a cat become a kitten?
When you have drawn half a dozen that look in varying ways like a 3 legged toad Don't ask! Then I remembered a cat stamp we have in the classroom stash, unfortunately it is a lot smaller than I remembered, but the perfect size for a kitten and who says kittens can't follow their dreams.

I used the mosaic technique to create the wall, the sky is distress inked. the tree is inked in appropriately in gathered twig distress using a Crafters Workshop stencil. Then the leaves highlighted with an olive green Pitt pen(Faber-Castell). In my reality the kitten is dreaming of the caged bird which it can't yet reach, meanwhile the little blue bird has already followed it's dream and has flown to freedom.

Today I woke up in the mood to paint so I spent the morning painting(more of that in another post) and when I have finished bloging I am going to visit an art installation on two narrow boats put on by a group of 5 2nd year art students in Sheffield. It is called the Art Ark and is sited in Victoria Quays, Sheffield. So it is a completely arty day for me. If you live in the area why not drop in and see their hard work, the exhibition it is on until tomorrow evening.

Have a fab arty day

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  1. I love your tag. SO creative to make a wall using the mosaic techinque. Your scene is charming! (I love your kitty!!)