Thursday, 1 March 2012

Altered Page

I can,t believe it is March already, but I guess it must be as the days are getting longer and the blackbirds have begun singing outside my window. I have just been over to Sir Tim's blog and the March Tag challenge looks great I can't wait to start. However today the housework has to come first but you can bet your bottom dollar I will be cleaning in hyper mode so I can get in some inky play time later.

I have finished the second page of my altered book. It had to be the front page I know everyone says you should not start with the front page. I usually do because I mither about it until it is done and can't settle into a new journal until it is finished.

I liked the colour of the page so I did not prime it, just used paint and a couple of stencils we had brought with us.

A glass of Red Juice helped the creative process

We didn't pack many supplies honest! What you can't see are the other boxes on the opposite of the room. 

Back at home I added part of a one of Suzi Blu's Girl stamps and added a simple pair of trousers to give the girl a bit more height on the page. The words say each page is a new possibility.


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