Saturday, 24 March 2012

A few pictures

Two posts in one day I can't believe it myself.
However since I took photos of the pages of the grunge board book that I have finished I thought I would post them.

The dollars aren't real I was given a packet of tissues with fake dollar images on the I just stuck them to some card stock.
 I like grunge paper it is so versatile it can give dimension to any project In my world flowers can be in shades of teal
 Everyone loves a journey and it is no exception for the umbrella man

This page started out as something else completely. I was thinking about different textures so I cut out the middle of the page with a spellbinder die and then embossed the circle in an embossing folder. I then tried to replace it in the middle of the page Doh! I forgot it would stretch the and not fit in so I cut the circle out of the circle, it did fit but looked awful.So plan B evolved I put in a penny slider mechanism although in truth it revolves in a circle, but I really like the effect. The background is distressed and the circle of speedometers cover the acetate used to support the car, which is a Tim Holtz stamp, stamped onto acetate and alcohol inked before being stuck to a piece of paper. I am rather pleased with my mistake.

Once again have a crafty day of fun

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