Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Granddad Peters Birthday Card

Granddad Peter is now another year older and still enjoying life in his own unique way, because of work commitments we have yet to celebrate with the obligatory family cake, although he has received cards and presents.

I wasn't sure that he would like the card I made for him but he says he does. Dorrie pointed out to him that mustaches are popular at the moment. All he said was "I thought that is what the black things are"

The background card reminded me of vintage wallpaper and as I had some mustaches left over from my 12 tags of 2013 project I thought I would use them as wall decoration like those China Flying Ducks that use to grace the walls of Grannies' parlour in the 50's and 60's. I read somewhere that they are now sought after items of Kitch, I don't know why(the china ducks not the mustaches). For those of you young enough not to know what I am talking about ask your mother or grandmothers. For those in other countries if your interested Google them.
Anyway here's the card.

I am now off to prep next weeks workshops as we are off to Dumfries at the weekend to support Mouse who is competing in a Ice skating competition she is very excited and a bit nervous.

Keep crafting

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