Thursday, 28 March 2013

Horrace sends greetings from Holland

I have not seen Horrace for days now I know why, it appears that he is still in search of his precious Mustache collection. We have just received a Postcard from Holland. Horrace advises me that due to spending a lot of Euro's elsewhere he had to make his own post card(I do worry what the elsewhere might mean but perhaps it is wise not to delve too deep). His card was correctly addressed but the postman had a hard time keeping a straight face so I guess he read it.

Dear All at Quayside Crafts
Having a great time DON'T wish you were here I am having too much fun. My mustache collection escaping was not such a bad thing I am seeing such a lot of wonderful things. Holland is flat compared to Sheffield.. The have shoes called clogs but my feet are just too big to fit into them, They look odd but I am told that they are surprisingly comfortable. They grow lots of flowers in the countryside mostly Tulips and a lot of them are red. I spent a couple of days in Amsterdam, they say that part of the city is red too but I never did find out why. In the tourist shops they had things called Postcards apparently you send then to friends and relatives to let them know you are safe and having a good time. I have spent rather a lot of Euro's elsewhere so I am making a card for you to say I am safe and having a good time. I swiped distress paint onto a Cafe table threw on some water from my glass and squished the paper through it. I could tell the waiter was not impressed. Quick as a flash I stamped on some houses and windmills from a Woodware stamp set that I took from the stamp draw (don't worry if other supplies are missing I probably have them I will give them back on my return) I stamped some flowers and coloured them with H2O's I like shimmer and sparkle. I stamped on a bicycle and put a rescued mustache onto it then. I brought the Penny farthing bicycle from a one legged clown I meet on the Eurostar we where both hiding in the freight car at the time. The new red Jacket I picked up in Milan but that is another story. Now I know I am suppose to let you know I am safe expect other communications.
Horrace the Mad March Hare

I think he did quite a good job, but I do worry what he will get up to next.
Until next time keep crafting.


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