Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Spring Fashion

Following Horrace the Hare's adventure last week in 12 Tags of 2013 (March) Horrace could be heard muttering in the corner for several days. Knit one, purl one, knit two together,slip stitch over, subtract one multiply by 7. At first I though he was developing a new knitting pattern, eventually after a eureka moment I realized that he was counting his mustache collection. It turns out several are still missing. Then he suddenly disappeared last Friday.  Today I found him in my circle and square journal wearing a brand new coat. When I asked what he was doing he told me it was springtime in Paris and he needed to look chic. Here is the page I found him on. It seems he has found some of his missing mustaches. Somehow I don't think this is the end of this story after all there is still a week of march left.

Until next time keep crafting


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  1. Please tell Horrace, he needs to find as many adventures as he can before the end of March, after that he has no excuse to be a mad hare! lol!